Why Meditate on Your Biggest Internal Values

We all have external values and internal values. If these are out of sync with each other, it creates neural dissonance, increasing stress in relationships and work.
Let your inner values guide your external values because they will give your life more meaning. They are essential for giving your life meaning.
Mark Waldman

Take 10 mins of your time to dedicate on reflecting on your deepest values. Do it for 7 days in a row.

Search deeply within for key “value” words. Do not ask your friends for their value words. Find the one that shows the deepest meaning for you.

Values are highly personal. They are more than just words. They are closer to feelings. They change when you find yourself in different situations.

Write down three value words you’d like to reflect on today, and ask yourself if you are willing to do this exercise for the next 7 days. It only takes sixty seconds to do!

You might ask what are the benefits of doing of meditating on your biggest internal values?

Well, according to Mark Waldon, a well known brain expert Executive MBA Faculty, at Loyola Marymount University, when you savor that word or phrase and turn it into an affirmation or meditation your feelings change?

You’ll experience less stress during the day. You will become more productive as well. Without even knowing you might achieve relaxed mindful awareness, which for Mark Waldon is the biggest value in life.