Wayne Dyer’s 7 Motivational Lessons for a Better Life based on The Law of Attraction

Wayne Dyer’s Wisdom on Law of Attraction

There are so many “Stars” using the principles or being “in the Higher Vibration Flow” of the Law of Attraction. We can learn from them! And have they always existed, even in the past centuries. We did not have the theory then. That is all.

1) The Secret – Some have read the book, others saw the Movie. Exciting and Motivational
2) Some of those stars in the book became Motivational Coaches basing their courses and teaching on the principles of the Law of Attraction

a) Practical technical easy to follow ways to get into the higher Vibration

Perfect example on that are:

#John Assaraf with hisNeuro Brain Retraining of course. He proves You can Have it All

Bob Proctor – with his Quantum University and Live Retreats. He dedicated all his life on the belief that We were Born Rich and we only haveto claim our Right to be Abundant in life!

Rikka Zimmerman who glows with her Love for humanity. Do her free  Quiz on Money if that is what you need right now. By the way just now Rikka is having a special program where You should sample the Energy and Higher Vibration!

Natalie Ledwell, who has invented Mind Movies – excellent propellor to Success.

3) Others are not with us any longer, but left us a precious heritage, like Wayne Dyer with his 7 Letters for a Better Life (in the video here)

  1. Activate Your Attraction
  2. Live with Gratitude 0.23
  3. Let Your Dreams Flow 0.33
  4. Learn From Stress 0.53
  5. Give Up Control
  6. Surrender Your Ego 1.06
  7. Believe in Miracles 1.23

Enjoy all of the motivational and practical advice you could get from those great motivators and achievers. All of them are highly successful. Some are Speakers on CNN & Ted talks, others published & New York Time best Sellin Authors.

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