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When I was 16 I was impressed by some of my mates. They were showing off by throwing parties where only the chosen invited would go.

The next day the whole school was buzzing with excited teenagers talking about the new record they listened to. “It was amazing. We danced and sang “July Morning” until 5 am.”

That song became a hit. The rest of us would be embarrassed for not having participated as we were not invited.

“Damn it. What do you have to do to be invited?’ I thought.

I also remember a different scenario. I was ‘chosen’ by my headteacher first day of the first year in my technical college to become her favourite. No idea why.

While she shouted to some to be quiet as ‘You are not in a village fest’ she passed by me, gently caressed my platted hair and said lovingly ‘Are you the best of all here?’

Well, this all changed now. If someone I admire for his success cane to me and said ‘ I believe you could follow me and become a great success yourself. I see potential in you. Would you like me to train you?’ Woo hoo, I would know what to answer, I would jump to the offer, accept and thank deeply grateful. I would get excited that same minute! I know how I would be bursting with gratitude and joy.

I felt stupid. We were there together for the first time, so how could anybody suggest someone is better than the others? I did not like to be privileged. I said ‘No’

For many people, the answer would be “no” because they might not want to be special, just like me in school, they might not believe anybody could realistically pick on their intelligence or qualities so easily.

Or they might think it would be too much work, or, that they don’t deserve success. Others would not accept for the lack of faith in themselves as ‘even with the help of that ‘super hero’ they would still fail, so why bother?’

These objections are the result of feeling that a particular task, goal, or dream is beyond your ability. Someone else might be able to do that, but not me.

Once you’ve adopted the mindset that “this is beyond me,” your brain quickly finds reasons why you’re right. Most people think they gather evidence then make a conclusion, but generally people make conclusions then find evidence to support it (and reject evidence that doesn’t).

Your brain’s #1 priority is to keep you safe. Attempting something that seems beyond your ability doesn’t feel safe, and your brain will work hard to keep you from taking what it feels is a risk. As a result, the biggest reason people fail to achieve their goals and dreams is…

…they don’t even try!

Or, if they do try, they give up too early in the process to achieve the desired result and goal.

The biggest difference between people who achieve extraordinary success and people who don’t is that highly successful people have adopted a more resourceful mindset.

They do not accept failure, each unsuccessful try becomes a stepping stone of their experience. They use another idea or resource their mind comes up with. And they enjoy the process.

Which means that if you can adopt this mindset (you can)…

…you can be successful.

We need the Tools to Focus on Positive
How to make the brain focus on the positive outcomes

How many of you, my beautiful friends, have tried different methods that claim to help you “adopt a positive mindset”. Unfortunately, most of the methods I’ve seen are based on faulty reasoning and don’t work.

Which brings us to the reason I’m writing this for you today. My friend John Assaraf, who himself is an extraordinary example of a successful man with his very unique story, has devoted a huge portion of his life to answering the question “how do you adopt the mindset of a highly successful person and use it to achieve extraordinary success?”

If you’re as interested in the answer to this question as I was, you’re going to love what he’s found out. He’s put together a special training called “How to Rewire Your Brain For Financial Success”, and…

...I think you’ll really enjoy watching it.

  • If you’ve been struggling to achieve your biggest goals and dreams…
  • If you don’t feel you deserve or aren’t capable of achieving success…
  • If your fear of failure keeps you from taking action… ( 1 of the worst enemies of success)
  • If you’re struggling financially and feel trapped…
  • Or if you simply don’t know how to move your life in the direction you want…

…I promise you’ll find what John has to say nothing less than fascinating.

What’s more, this could represent a major turning point in your life, and will be well worth the few minutes it will take.

In case you don’t know who John is, let me tell you a little bit about him.

John has built five multimillion-dollar companies, including taking the Indiana branch of Re/Max to over 4 billion in annual sales. He’s also authored two New York Times bestselling books, been in seven or eight movies and documentaries, and been on national TV (I saw him on Larry King Live).

This is not a typical presentation where you learn, leave, and never do anything with the information. What John’s going to share is a proven method based on cutting edge brain research that treats the root cause of failure rather than hopelessly attacking the symptoms.

I just watched John’s training myself. It was so interesting, I knew you’d want to watch it too. But, hurry up to get this free ticket. It is only valid for the next 48 hours, so please go and watch the training right now

Wishing you success,

Denny Redpath