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Mark Waldman NeuroWisdom Well-Being Tips

Mark Waldman has tested his methods in a big way with big companies and their employees. The results of using mindful yawning and stretching are astonishing according to Mark. It is widely noticed that everyone is more cheerful and less tired. Productivity has increased.

Put aside 60 SECONDS TO TUNE YOUR BRAIN IN THE MORNING AND INCREASE YOUR WELL-BEING IN THE EVENING. Based on our newest research on what motivates a person to take positive action and build consistent optimism, confidence, and self-esteem (all documented in my his new book NeuroWisdom), Mark advises we try this simple brain enhancing strategy for the next 3-7 days:

1. Each morning, when you awake, do a couple of mindful yawns and stretches while lying in bed, and then ask your intuition (that inner voice of wisdom) for a value word to focus on for the day – any word that you feel will help you accomplish your goals for the day.

2. At the end of the day, mindfully yawn and stretch, and then ask your intuition to whisper one insight you gained about yourself during the day. Savor it, and write it down.

3. Let’s practice it right now: close your eyes and really savor a yawn and a stretch. What value word pops into mind (if nothing comes to you, that’s fine!). Now ask your intuition: “What small insight or discovery did I make in the last 24 hours?” ”