The Law of Attraction

Live Changing LOA Event with Bob Proctor-Sonia Ricotti-John Assaraf ++ {Encore}

Life-changing Event with the Renowned “Law of Attraction” bunch of Achievers


Life Changing Event Feb



Another extraordinary possibility to soak in the vibration of the “big” of our days. Do not be mistaken.  You will never remain detached and unmoved.  The benefit of being on Live event with Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Sonia Ricotti and the rest… is felt immediately. You will carry that feeling with you for quite a long time.

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Your Greatest Life Awaits. . .

Your Ultimate Life! Conference is a free all-day inspirational online event that will unleash your greatest life!

Join “Bounce Back” expert and #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti as she hosts this life-changing event. She will be bringing together some of the top motivational speakers on the planet to help you achieve great wealth, health, career, relationships and overall happiness!

Get ready to live the life you LOVE and DESERVE!

Life Class Sessions all day long – what do you say?

Many of you have not managed to go on the last Live Event and requested another one. So here it is!

If you want to overcome difficult times in ANY area of your life, this is the right place to come. If you want to learn the steps and strategies needed to achieve great wealth, good health, lovely relationships, inner peace and happiness, you are in the right place.  I know it sound too much, but you can have it all!

How about those of you who want to  achieve your dream career/business? Enough dreaming. Get going!


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This Live exceptional event is also for those of you who want to have the assurance they are on the right path in life. It could be eye opening.  Take your relationships and careers to the next level!

John Assaraf will be sharing the latest Neuroscience research as it relates to earning more money.  Eliminate your money blocks and re-wire your brain and achieve great financial and personal success in  your life.

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