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Fears in Dreams Reflect Emotions in Daily Life.

As I said in a previous post, I have added a new category, Dream Analysis, to the self help blog. Analyzing and interpreting your dreams can do wonders for self awareness. While there is no foundation to most dream prophecy  (as in, “If you dream about a wolf wearing glasses, you’ll be robbed on the…

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What Do You Know About The Fear In Your Dreams and Emotions

Fears in dreams reflect the negative emotions in daily life

but before I speak about that I want to mention Bob Proctor,

who has been teaching his secrets of how to be a winner in life,

leaving fear behind.  Millions know him from ‘The Secret‘ or famous talk shows.

Bob Proctor Lecturing on 'The Secret'
Bob Proctor In Action

What does Bob Proctor teach

Thousands are being mentored by Bob Proctor even at his older age. He is still a ‘success’. He is still teaching the ‘secret’ of how to make your dreams become reality. He is happy. He is doing what he loves. His dream has come true. He has no fears.

The truth is we need the ‘right’ dreams, not bad dreams. But whatever they are they can be interpreted.

Interpreting Your Dreams

Analyzing and interpreting your dreams can do wonders for self-awareness. While there is no foundation to most dream prophecy  (as in, if you dream of an old woman, you will meet your first love), there is a SOLID foundation to the symbolism in your dreams and to the emotions experienced in dreams.

For example, if you dream that you are frustrated in some way, you have most likely experienced at least one frustrating situation (or even person!) in your daily life.

I went through a nightmare of a time with a few of my blogs a year or so ago. I’ll spare you the boring tech details.  I was fighting in absolutely everything I was trying to do. This nightmare went on for a week before I discovered two simple problems (one of my plugins isn’t getting along with a new one… and I may have to install VPN in order to have smooth use of computer anywhere)

Frustration: In the meantime three of my dreams involved “frustrating” situations. I was crying for mom in one of the dreams, couldn’t see with  my glasses in another one. I was facing fear of being alone with my troubles. There are some ancient dream dictionaries that would have told me I was headed for bad luck – and my dreams would have been bad “omens.”

However, the ‘bad” was not in the future – the bad (or the frustration) was right there in the moment… which is why it assumed a starring role in my dreams that week.  I had to face my dreams and my reality. Fear was behind them both. I had to learn to recognize my fears. It was a revelation. 

Sadness and grief are other emotions that seemingly love to carry over into a subconscious mind. Many dreams of lost loved ones (particularly if the dreams involve feelings of sadness and grief) are simply sad emotions carrying over into your dreams. Over 50 types of fear lie behind all emotions and it is a fact today.

Positive emotions

However, the opposite can also be true. Lost loved ones can often be found in our dreams – alive, happy, and well. These are my favorite dreams! During periods of contentment and happiness… when everything (or most things) seem to be going our way, our dreams will often reflect the pleasantness. We may find ourselves in old familiar, comfortable settings with a beautiful blend of faces from the past and present.

I believe that it’s often during these times that we tend to not remember our dreams as often as other times. They feel so “normal” during our peaceful, uneventful days that they simply don’t stand out..

The next time you remember a particular dream, ask yourself what emotions you felt within the dream. You should be able to draw a parallel line between the dream’s emotions and your “real life” emotions. If these emotions are troubling (worry, grief, regret, resentment…) and rob you of inner peace, do all you can to run through all events the day before.

I know, you have most certainly met few normal people, you may say. But somewhere on the line someone said something, looked at you in some way (it could be anything indeed) and it triggered negative emotions and negative memories. Unsettling thoughts were your last ones before you dropped off to sleep. What followed was bad dreams. Bad dreams cause fear again. Fear of the unknown ‘evil’.

Listen to someone who know more than me >>> fear can be beaten <<<

One of the biggest benefits of dream analysis – they often point out things that are “eating away at us” before we even realize it’s going on.

And now a story with happy ending, made to become an inspiring movie teaching you how to deal with all emotions when you are at the bottom. See how Sonia made an inspiring movie ‘Unsinkable’ using her own life experience, which took her from the bottom to the top.