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Simple Pleasures in Life

The simple pleasures in life could be pleasant brief experiences in an everyday setting. They bring a positive impact on one’s life. They are accessible to most people at little or no cost. These pleasures are often personal. This means that what may be a simple pleasure for you may not be a simple pleasure for your best friend.

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Mentally strong Work on their Thoughts
Thoughts -Habits – Beliefs -Action – Success

Let’s think about the weekend. You get the wellies, raincoat, the ball and the water bottle and jump in the car with your dog. You take him to the woods for a walk. You are making him happy, but for you, it is a pleasurable moment as well.

On the way back you call on your friend, have a cuppa together, share the latest news and head home nice and happy. 

The next day you wake up with the sun rays coming through the shutters. You feel great. What is today holding for you. It is an adventure. You go out to the nearest park for a short walk. You meet the group of ladies walking their dogs chatting about little things. You join and feel good.

Next you decide to go to the bookshop. What do you find, a book that you always wanted to hold in your hands. A sense of gratitude and satisfaction comes over you. Another little pleasure was granted to you.

There are many little pleasures which make your life good. You notice them. You are grateful. The fact you recognise in your heart they are a little blessing, attracts your attention to more.

The law of attraction working. Higher vibration ‘feels’ higher vibrating people.
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You’ll uncover the true “secret” to bouncing back.

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The Law of Attraction

90 Minutes in Heaven (Phenomenal Book!)

My youngest daughter recently gave me a copy of 90 Minutes in Heaven and I read it within 2 days. It was THAT good. Well – no…. it’s actually better. Much better. Book Description: The mega bestselling book that started the heaven publishing phenomenon is now a major motion picture starring Hayden Christensen and Kate…

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My Attraction Law and Its Heros

What You Seek You Find. Be Careful What You Seek!

“Short story to set the stage – even if it does involve telling on myself and my ridiculousness in the process:

A few years ago, my husband was away for a business trip. I’m not the bravest person in the world, so when my daughters began talking about something VERY scary they had read about one afternoon, my brain whispered, “Well, if this doesn’t keep you awake all night, nothing will.” I pushed the whisper aside and reasoned that by the time bedtime rolled around and the lights were off, I’d be fine.


As soon as the lights turned off, the brain turned on. It felt compelled to remind me of the “true” horror story. Being very familiar with myself and knowing what it’d take for me to get any rest whatsoever, I grabbed my iPhone and Googled, “Why {insert horror occurrence} is a hoax.” Badabing! I found explanation after explanation of why this couldn’t possibly have happened and found “holes” punched everywhere within the story.

I slept like a baby.

Here’s the tricky thing – Had I been a complete idiot and Googled, “Why {insert horror occurrence} is true,” I’d have found… you guessed it… just what I was looking for.

I’m sure you’ve figured out where this is heading, right?

So often, in life, what we “find” doesn’t happen by mistake or coincidence – we “find” it because, whether we realize it or not, it’s what we were looking for.  I see it online with social media almost daily. There are some people who seem absolutely SET on finding drama and stirring up stress and emotions. I don’t want to get off track, here, but what is up with these people?! I want things to be as calm and peaceful as possible… who, in their right mind, wants drama circling around them?!

Whether it makes sense or not, they search for it and, naturally, they find it.

I’m always amused when, after it hits the fan, they act shocked and confused like, “How did this storm happen???”

You did the rain dance, honey, that’s how!

By contrast, there are people (raising my hand high) who get on social media to be informed, entertained, amused, and (hopefully) provide these things for others. Again, what they seek is generally what they find.

Have you ever seen a 4 year old who is tired and cranky? He/she seems to be actively looking for trouble, don’t they? How like children adults can be!

This is a short post because the real trick is simply to get your thoughts flowing. You don’t need me to tell you when to  set out looking for drama, gossip, and maybe even a little argument now and then. You don’t need me to tell you when you actively seek out calmness, harmony, and goodwill.  I’m only here to ask you this – Is what you seek bringing you closer toward your happiness and mental health or not? Is what you tend to actively look for is constructive to your relationships or destructive?

Make no mistake about it, each of these questions has a clear answer.

We find what we actively seek… make sure you’re looking for something worth having, because you will find it.”

~ Joi (Self Help Blog) 



My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Happiness isn’t a Destination, It’s a Journey

Maggie Hammond It’s easy to view happiness as an achievement or a state of being. We believe that if we have a certain possession, a romantic relationship, a holiday, a better job or a lot of money, we’ll “be happy.” The truth, however, is that we don’t achieve happiness; a happy life is one…

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My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Fears in Dreams Reflect Emotions in Daily Life.

What Do You Know About The Fear In Your Dreams and Emotions

Fears in dreams reflect the negative emotions in daily life

but before I speak about that I want to mention Bob Proctor,

who has been teaching his secrets of how to be a winner in life,

leaving fear behind.  Millions know him from ‘The Secret‘ or famous talk shows.

Bob Proctor Lecturing on 'The Secret'
Bob Proctor In Action

What does Bob Proctor teach

Thousands are being mentored by Bob Proctor even at his older age. He is still a ‘success’. He is still teaching the ‘secret’ of how to make your dreams become reality. He is happy. He is doing what he loves. His dream has come true. He has no fears.

The truth is we need the ‘right’ dreams, not bad dreams. But whatever they are they can be interpreted.

Interpreting Your Dreams

Analyzing and interpreting your dreams can do wonders for self-awareness. While there is no foundation to most dream prophecy  (as in, if you dream of an old woman, you will meet your first love), there is a SOLID foundation to the symbolism in your dreams and to the emotions experienced in dreams.

For example, if you dream that you are frustrated in some way, you have most likely experienced at least one frustrating situation (or even person!) in your daily life.

I went through a nightmare of a time with a few of my blogs a year or so ago. I’ll spare you the boring tech details.  I was fighting in absolutely everything I was trying to do. This nightmare went on for a week before I discovered two simple problems (one of my plugins isn’t getting along with a new one… and I may have to install VPN in order to have smooth use of computer anywhere)

Frustration: In the meantime three of my dreams involved “frustrating” situations. I was crying for mom in one of the dreams, couldn’t see with  my glasses in another one. I was facing fear of being alone with my troubles. There are some ancient dream dictionaries that would have told me I was headed for bad luck – and my dreams would have been bad “omens.”

However, the ‘bad” was not in the future – the bad (or the frustration) was right there in the moment… which is why it assumed a starring role in my dreams that week.  I had to face my dreams and my reality. Fear was behind them both. I had to learn to recognize my fears. It was a revelation. 

Sadness and grief are other emotions that seemingly love to carry over into a subconscious mind. Many dreams of lost loved ones (particularly if the dreams involve feelings of sadness and grief) are simply sad emotions carrying over into your dreams. Over 50 types of fear lie behind all emotions and it is a fact today.

Positive emotions

However, the opposite can also be true. Lost loved ones can often be found in our dreams – alive, happy, and well. These are my favorite dreams! During periods of contentment and happiness… when everything (or most things) seem to be going our way, our dreams will often reflect the pleasantness. We may find ourselves in old familiar, comfortable settings with a beautiful blend of faces from the past and present.

I believe that it’s often during these times that we tend to not remember our dreams as often as other times. They feel so “normal” during our peaceful, uneventful days that they simply don’t stand out..

The next time you remember a particular dream, ask yourself what emotions you felt within the dream. You should be able to draw a parallel line between the dream’s emotions and your “real life” emotions. If these emotions are troubling (worry, grief, regret, resentment…) and rob you of inner peace, do all you can to run through all events the day before.

I know, you have most certainly met few normal people, you may say. But somewhere on the line someone said something, looked at you in some way (it could be anything indeed) and it triggered negative emotions and negative memories. Unsettling thoughts were your last ones before you dropped off to sleep. What followed was bad dreams. Bad dreams cause fear again. Fear of the unknown ‘evil’.

Listen to someone who know more than me >>> fear can be beaten <<<

One of the biggest benefits of dream analysis – they often point out things that are “eating away at us” before we even realize it’s going on.

And now a story with happy ending, made to become an inspiring movie teaching you how to deal with all emotions when you are at the bottom. See how Sonia made an inspiring movie ‘Unsinkable’ using her own life experience, which took her from the bottom to the top.


My Attraction Law and Its Heros

4 Ways Golf Can Improve Your Life in 2019

I am not a fan of golf but sometimes I accompany golf player and his partner for a day out.

It is considered the sport of the rich by birth. Well, you know what I mean. Not everyone on th e golf course is a rich guy. Some have become players to sneak in and get few benefits golf offers.

It is believed the historic sport can improve a person’s:

  • Balance
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Self-esteem
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Metabolic rate
  • Respiratory health

Greater Life Expectancy
Recent research has found that regularly playing golf can lead to a greater life expectancy compared to those who are non-golfers of the same age. That’s because the more a person plays golf, the better their overall health will be.
In fact, golfers with the lower handicap also enjoyed a better life expectancy. As they are better golfers, it indicates they, in theory, spend more time on a golf course.

Build Strong Social Networks
The best business relationships aren’t developed inside a meeting room. They often flourish in more social situations, such as on the golf course. It will allow your associate to spend a little time outside of the workplace, and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other on a professional and personal level over 9 or 18 holes

A Better Work – Family Life Balance
As you might spend so much time in the workplace, you could find it difficult to achieve a good work-life balance. Golf could reportedly lower a person’s stress and anxiety levels, so it can counteract the stress and strain of your professional life.

So, after a round of 18 holes at a golf club you’ll feel relaxed, re-energized and free from stress.

Social Benefits

You’re bound to meet many different people from all walks of life at a golf club, who will be happy to chat with you both on and off the green. Plus, as it is a quiet sport, it provides players with more quality time to talk, laugh and share stories.
To the benefits to both your mental and physical health,  you can add the improved your social life while advancing in your career.

My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Get into the group of Successful Achievers. Eliminate debilitating Fears.


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Let me sample the Higher knowledge and higher Vibration

Maybe just listening for one short time is not going to be enough to change you or change your life. But keep your mind open and your senses open. Follow the emotions you will feel.

We have been learning for decades how not to be emotional and how to hide our vulnerability. Maybe we have learned that too well. It is now time to un-learn and get back to our being in control of emotions, but letting ourself be sometimes vulnerable.

Only then we can get into a state in which we can start feeling who we really are and what we really love within us.

Are we happy now that we look quite undisturbed by events and people? Are we feeling loved by the rest? Wouldn’t it be more natural for us to come down from our ‘pedestals’ and interact on a human level with those around us?

Don’t be afraid. The first hurdle to overcome is exactly the fear, be it fear of getting involved, fear of being ‘seen’, fear of becoming famous, fear of ‘not knowing’ what to do etc etc .

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Brain Retraining for Success in all Areas

Free Brain Re-Training – Breakthrough Methods. Shutter Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Success

Brain Retraining for Success in all Areas My Attraction Law and Its Heros

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You have the Power. It is Within You. We can make it work for us.

We need the Tools to Focus on Positive
How to make the brain focus on the positive

Science has proven that by changing your brain you can change your life. Your brain is not a static organ, that is an outdated belief. New brain connections are formed and new brain cells grow everyday. When you practice specific brain related activities you can transform your relationships health, finances and career.

By liminating self-worth or self-image issues you could stop being stuck and sabotaging your success.

First you start by recognising and releasing past traumas and stories which are not in existence in your life. They are long forgotten by all. Your memory of those are holding you back

By doing little steps forward and acknowledging the successes, you will feel empowered even unstoppable.

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A Better You. A Better World.

Why do you want to be successful? We all want to have an impact our families, friends and the world. You too. When you  ‘win the game’ within your head you will ‘win over life’ the way you see it.

Now is your time to become the best version of you!

You can change your thoughts about money and wealth. You can do the same with your limiting beliefs about your appearance and body. Brain retraining programs make you develop unstoppable confidence. Entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide are currently using them to achieve their vision, business goals and personal best.

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Who could benefit from a training of the brain. The question should be ‘Who wouldn’t benefit?’ Let’s focus on the training of improving your finances aspect.

  1. Everyone who wants to overcome old thoughts, beliefs, fears, habits. There is a pattern to all that which can be broken, as it cripples your financial growth.
  2. Every career man who seeks opportunities, but can’t see them
  3.  Business owners who want to attract more customers and make more sales.
  4. Businessmen who want to grow faster
  5. Individuals who have purchased trainings but haven’t been able to achieve what they’re capable of with their program

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Let me add some more categories for people who can greatly benefit from the webinar.

6) Those dreamers who want to get rid of the self-doubt and procrastination or lack of confidence, which keeps them in one place, never expanding, never daring to achieve freedom and success.

7)  Individuals who want to have more time off and work a portion of the week

8)  Those who want more peaceful life with no stress about money

9)  Anyone who is confirmed procrastinator, never managing to change the pattern and follow his passion

10)  Everyone who wants to re-write his limiting beliefs and habits to achieve success faster

I can’t tell you more. Reserve your spot and share it with as many as you can. I will see you on the inside

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Brain Retraining for Success in all Areas

Eliminate bad Traits to Become Your Best Version

Become the Best Version of Yourself By Weeding Out Bad Traits

We all have a few traits in our personalities that could be changed or improved to make us better people who are able to serve our audience. You have to recognize what traits you would like to work on before you can begin improving yourself, of course.

Find out what traits you can improve

Think about what traits you have that you would find annoying coming from other people. Ask your friends and coworkers what they think your worst trait is. You might find that you’re doing things that annoy people around you without even realizing it.

You might have had this trait for years without noticing because nobody ever pointed it out. These traits might range from being too loud in public to being excessively rude. You have to be sure that you’re open to criticism when you start down the path to fixing your quirks.

Nobody is perfect

Don’t be afraid to learn that you’re not perfect – everyone has their negative traits – and being brave enough to seek help in fixing yours is a very honorable thing. Be open to seeking out the help of a counselor to help you along your path of change.

If you can’t handle criticism well, then you won’t be able to get anywhere when people tell you what they think you could improve on. Perhaps not being able to take criticism would be a good place to start in this instance.

Successful elimination of bad traits needs Constant work

To effectively get rid of your negative traits, you have to have it on your mind constantly. It helps if you ask your friends or coworkers to point out when you’re exhibiting those traits again.

If you never noticed them before, it’s not likely that you’ll notice after just realizing that it was an issue. Make fixing that trait your number one priority by setting reminders on your phone or on your computer, so it won’t slip your mind.

You will be happier with right people around, who like you

You can also leave yourself notes. Whatever it takes, just make sure you remember to stop exemplifying those negative traits. The primary benefit to weeding out your negative traits is that you’ll be more sociable.

People will want to hang out and be friends with you more or network with you for business reasons. By extension, this makes it extremely beneficial for your mental and emotional health.

You’ll be much happier when the people around you are happier. You’ll rest easier at night knowing that you made an improvement for the better, which will also make you more confident in yourself. You’ll be more successful all around, which will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction.