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This site My Attraction Law is 1 week old.

A bit of the history of this site

It existed as a page in Cheer Up Ladies site, created March 2015 for all who would like to share experiences in life, to Teach Raise the Spirit and bring Joy and Smiles.  All Promotions here are of people who have become very successful Entrepreneurs or/and are able  Empowering  Energy and Consciousness Teachers. This is a Motivational Blog and site offering Courses and training by the best in the field.


The creator of My Attraction Law, Denny, is a successful entrepreneur, a linguist with 9 spoken languages, an author and singer. Denny is blessed to be able to empower people to feel more at home with themselves and release old stigmas deeply imbedded in their mind.She helps to eliminate subconscious fears thus liberating their spirit to create. A tour guide in three countries, Denny meets daily with hundreds of people from all over the world and learns about them and from them.

We have been given Gifts to develop further

In her interaction with people she transmits her passion and higher vibration. She believes the time is right for a change in consciousness on our planet and works to bring that change  by preparing people to improve on the inside, then on the outside.

It all starts with realising who we are on this planet, what is our purpose and how is best for us to live. Developing the natural gifts we all have, attracting best possibilities is something we all want.

Often, because of our particular childhood or school education, or based on the country and its politics, regime or religion, we are “blocked” in our own steps. It is like having an invisible barrier which limits our efforts.

Science of 21st century

Science has proven in the last 30 years that we could learn how to accept ourselves as part pf the Universe and act as Creators of our own life. We can work on our limiting beliefs to eliminate them and attract at the same wavelength as where we are. And we can work on upping our vibration! Yes!

All training, courses and video training offered here are aiming to help you easier “see through” with new eyes and achieve your dreams. While no promises are given, we will do the best to make you get forward on your own path to success.

Empowered by her great love for humanity, Denny travels the world and learns about all different nations.   Always joyful and adventurous,  vibrating with happiness, she makes her presence felt. Inspiring each person she meets to accept and love themselves and to spread love and peace wherever they go.  She empowers people to know they are the torches  bringing  about transformation to the planet.

Leaders in Law Of Attraction we follow

Rikka is one of the special conscious leaders you will hear about here. She has collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teacher Panache Desai, and appeared alongside speakers and authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lynn McTaggert,  Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf and other conscious leaders. She appears on TV and Radio shows internationally as well as in print and online publications.

You can connect with Denny on email:

admin@myattractionlaw.com  or denny@myattractionlaw.com

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