Align The Conscious With Subconscious Brains. Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Align The Conscious With Subconscious Brains. Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Let’s start with the assumption that we have not one but two brains. I will explain.

How your two brains are keeping you stuck? To that question most people think  – how is it that this three-pound gray matter can keep you stuck when it’s so brilliant and it’s got genius capabilities? We have to add that had same Albert Einstein brain same as yours but with genius capabilities, Leonardo da Vinci and Tesla had same brain as yours with  different skills of course, so all right let’s see.

So, why two brains and how are your two brains keeping you stuck? Anybody have any idea how your two brains would keep you stuck?  Everybody thinks we have one brain. In his book John Assaraf calls this second brain, the Gorilla brain. Let’s say that he has the most advanced training of that second brain, which he calls innersizing. 

What I’m referring to is that our physical material brain has two parts nested in our scull: a conscious part of our brain that’s responsible for certain things and then we also have a subconscious part of our brain. 

This 3 -pound gorilla that prevents you from achieving your goals is the subconscious part.  When we consciously want to achieve we don’t always succeed. Let’s look at the situation. We know that the two part are connected.   Both hemispheres are involved, left brain dominant or right brain dominant, we use all of our brain every 24 hours so you don’t use only 5 or 10% of your brain.

The possibilities are endless alright, but when you’re talking about the gorilla or the subconscious brain, what we know is that the gorilla gets what the gorilla wants.  Ask yourself a question now – do I really know how to get my subconscious mind aligned with my conscious desires and goals?  

The left prefrontal cortex for example is the seat of you know awareness and it’s the seat of decision-making.  iI’s a seat of choosing what we want.  This part of the brain we call the left prefrontal cortex and it’s what John Assaraf  calls the Einstein part of the brain. It can figure things out. 

The right prefrontal cortex is the pessimist or what John Assaraf  refers to as the Frankenstein part of the brain that moves into the memory system.  It brings forth anything that may get you into trouble and it may be painful, anything that might hurt you.  So there’s these things going on in your brain.   

Think of your brain as an orchestra:  some of your brain is responsible to play certain pieces and other parts of your brain are there to protect you when those pieces oppose each other or are not in alignment.  Then you have chaos or dissonance, right? 

What is your subconscious mind supposed to do:  

conserve energy
 it’s there to protect you and keep you safe 

safe from what –  there are certain things that are very safe but your subconscious mind may see it as a threat so looks for danger

the reptilian instinctual part of the brain is scanning 

it’s connecting it to the memory bank to see if there’s anything at a cellular level or at a at a neurological level that represents a potential or real danger 

not the truth but a potential and that’s actually what’s connected to the amygdala on the inside obviously of the skull right above the ears that releases that neuro chemicals of stress just in case something might hurt you so it keeps you alive

It keeps you alive so it’s responsible for quite a lot, for example: 
– your heartbeat for digestion
– for your autonomic nervous system
– it’s responsible to make sure that as ten million cells die off ten million new ones are created
– it’s responsible for your immune system
– its responsible for your digestive system.
 – the endocrine system
 – the nervous system etc
There are nine different systems in the body. For us to live normally we need all of them functioning well.

It’s responsible to make sure all that what happens while you are doing what you need to do every day is happening while all systems function alright. 

Experiences from the past influence your second brain, the conscious brain.

Remember we are talking about you having two brains not one, This is where the past comes in.

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