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Increase Imagination. Create Big Goals vs Your Limiting Beliefs

Hey this is John Assaraf on the subject of how to increase imagination and create big goals for success eliminating or overcoming your limiting beliefs.  Click here to reserve for the big event hosted by John in 8 days time. 

‘I want to share with you and talk with you a little bit about why your limiting beliefs are so destructive.

Let’s first talk about beliefs then we’ll talk about limiting beliefs. Beliefs are like the lens by which you see and experience the world. So your lenses and my lenses may not be the same.  You must understand that your beliefs are simply made up of neural networks  and patterns in your brain and they are simply old.

Memories are learned behaviors that are stored in the midbrain and they cause you to take action automatically and to see the world automatically without thinking.

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Now all beliefs are limited when it comes to new ideas and new goals you are taking action to overcome the old limiting beliefs that are based on our past experiences: teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, siblings.

What you want to do is, you want to increase your imagination, one of your higher faculties of mind and your creativity cells in your brain.  That happens in your frontal lobes.  What you want to do is you want to brainstorm! What that really means to daydream or think outside of what you’ve ever achieved.

As you think outside of your proverbial box and observe your creativity you use your instinct and your intuition. You let your higher cortical functions guide you, and this is the part of your brain, called the insular and anterior cingulate. 

What happens when you start to imagine and be creative and look outside your box.  You are basically setting aside your limiting beliefs and opening up your creativity and imagination – and this is where your brain starts to change – and this is where transformation and even enlightenment occurs. It happens when you deliberately and consciously focus on a bigger idea, bigger vision, bigger things that you can do and be. 

Then you can choose the new beliefs that you want to create deliberately and consciously so that you develop the right, neural pathways and beliefs to help you achieve the perceptive and behavioral activities that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

So imagine, be creative, be aware and start achieving every one of your goals and dreams.’

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