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Align The Conscious With Subconscious Brains. Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Align The Conscious With Subconscious Brains. Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Let’s start with the assumption that we have not one but two brains. I will explain.

How your two brains are keeping you stuck? To that question most people think  – how is it that this three-pound gray matter can keep you stuck when it’s so brilliant and it’s got genius capabilities? We have to add that had same Albert Einstein brain same as yours but with genius capabilities, Leonardo da Vinci and Tesla had same brain as yours with  different skills of course, so all right let’s see.



Your Brain
Your Brain
So, why two brains and how are your two brains keeping you stuck? Anybody have any idea how your two brains would keep you stuck?  Everybody thinks we have one brain. In his book John Assaraf calls this second brain, the Gorilla brain. Let’s say that he has the most advanced training of that second brain, which he calls innersizing.
What I’m referring to is that our physical material brain has two parts nested in our scull: a conscious part of our brain that’s responsible for certain things and then we also have a subconscious part of our brain. 
This 3 -pound gorilla that prevents you from achieving your goals is the subconscious part.  When we consciously want to achieve we don’t always succeed. Let’s look at the situation. We know that the two part are connected.   Both hemispheres are involved, left brain dominant or right brain dominant, we use all of our brain every 24 hours so you don’t use only 5 or 10% of your brain.
The possibilities are endless alright, but when you’re talking about the gorilla or the subconscious brain, what we know is that the gorilla gets what the gorilla wants.  Ask yourself a question now – do I really know how to get my subconscious mind aligned with my conscious desires and goals?
The left prefrontal cortex for example is the seat of you know awareness and it’s the seat of decision-making.  iI’s a seat of choosing what we want.  This part of the brain we call the left prefrontal cortex and it’s what John Assaraf  calls the Einstein part of the brain. It can figure things out.
The right prefrontal cortex is the pessimist or what John Assaraf  refers to as the Frankenstein part of the brain that moves into the memory system.  It brings forth anything that may get you into trouble and it may be painful, anything that might hurt you.  So there’s these things going on in your brain.
Think of your brain as an orchestra:  some of your brain is responsible to play certain pieces and other parts of your brain are there to protect you when those pieces oppose each other or are not in alignment.  Then you have chaos or dissonance, right?

What is your subconscious mind supposed to do:

  • conserve energy
  •  it’s there to protect you and keep you safe
  • safe from what –  there are certain things that are very safe but your subconscious mind may see it as a threat so looks for danger
  • the reptilian instinctual part of the brain is scanning
  • it’s connecting it to the memory bank to see if there’s anything at a cellular level or at a at a neurological level that represents a potential or real danger
  • not the truth but a potential and that’s actually what’s connected to the amygdala on the inside obviously of the skull right above the ears that releases that neuro chemicals of stress just in case something might hurt you so it keeps you alive
It keeps you alive so it’s responsible for quite a lot, for example:
– your heartbeat for digestion
– for your autonomic nervous system
– it’s responsible to make sure that as ten million cells die off ten million new ones are created
– it’s responsible for your immune system
– its responsible for your digestive system.
 – the endocrine system
 – the nervous system etc
There are nine different systems in the body. For us to live normally we need all of them functioning well.
It’s responsible to make sure all that what happens while you are doing what you need to do every day is happening while all systems function alright.
Experiences from the past influence your second brain, the conscious brain.

Remember we are talking about you having two brains not one, This is where the past comes in.


***1) I want you to imagine this scenario:  let’s say that when you were  eight or nine years old. You’re in school and the teacher asked a question and you raised your hand.  He says please, stand up.  When you stood up and you were really excited as you’re gonna get to share giving your answer, you shared but the answer was wrong.  The teacher said: Sorry, Melinda, that’s the wrong answer.  Then your friends went:  hahahaha.   you got the wrong answer, you’re such an idiot, you’re so stupid, don’t you know that answer’s so easy..

I want you to understand what just happened from a brain perspective :  Initially you were excited so dopamine was probably released.  You want to get up and share with your class because you thought you knew the answer.  Then the teacher picked you so there was a bonding between you and the teacher and oxytocin was released as well.  So far good.  Then the very next second or two you shared the wrong answer and then you were ridiculed, embarrassed and shamed by your classmates.  Guess what happened in the brain – that memory formulated a neural pattern ten thousand times faster okay than when you did something pleasurable.  It connected with bad emotion –  with fear of being shamed and ridiculed, right?

So, let’s say for the next 20 years of your life you never really felt comfortable to speak in public unless you were 100% certain.  Even then, there was this little fear of a possibility that you might get embarrassed or ashamed, or ridiculed again.
Now, let’s imagine you have a job and let’s say you know you have an opportunity to speak in front of a board of important people, or you have to speak in front of your team members.. guess what happens at the subconscious level even though consciously you want to do this.. You know now, right?
If the pattern at the subconscious level fires up the old memory beneath your level of awareness (at the subconscious level it is wired there ) , you are going to put the brakes on taking action.  The subconscious mind is running 95 – 98 percent of your life, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings and your behaviors.  When you have a conscious goal I want to do this, I want to achieve that, I want to let go of this, guess what happens ..same response.
Your conscious brain can use your deductive reasoning to choose what you want but if at the subconscious level the patterns are wired from childhood all the way through your life today to negative experience, you will put your foot on the brake and not take action. 
When there is any any chance that you might be embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed, judged, you fear of failure, fear of success ,fear of disappointing yourself or another person again, that subconscious brain will make you put your foot on the brake and not take action and not move forward.
These subconscious patterns are driving our behaviors more than our conscious efforts.  When we’re dealing with the gorilla in the brain, a metaphorical way to look at it,  you have to understand that the gorilla is going to get whatever the gorilla is wired to get.  The gorilla does not care about what you consciously want.  It focuses on the patterns that are gonna keep it safe.   What is safe in this case? It just means your comfort zone.
*** 2) Now, let’s say you’re miserable, let’s say you’re broke, let’s say you’re overweight, let’s say you’re in a relationship that you you don’t like, let’s say you’re in a job you don’t love but it  is safe to the subconscious mind, the gorilla. Why –  because it knows the pain.   It’s already dealing with it,  knows the discomfort, it knows the price it’s paying already.
Getting out of that comfort zone – leaving the job that you’re not happy,  leaving a relationship in which you’re not in love, trying to earn better income, getting out of debt (you could be in debt and comfortable,  you could be in a relationship you hate and comfortable,  you can be in a job that you don’t love and comfortable) is not seen as safe by the subconscious mind.  The gorilla is gonna keep you in your comfort zone.
So, you have two brains not one. And another very important idea is a key to resolving the problem with the constant battle between the two brains.
You have a brainyou’re Not your brain.
The whole idea with inner size is to create a pathway for you to be able to say, okay  – here’s how my brain works.  Just as I explained it today and here’s what I could do about it to move out of a state of chaos and dissonance and into a state of coherence and alignment, ok, does that make sense?
I will help you get alignment in your brain. Let’s reiterate:
When you are afraid of public speaking you’re actually not afraid of that – you are afraid of being embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed or judged right?
Nobody is afraid of public speaking, we’re afraid of of the things I just mentioned and those are automatic triggers in your brain that are keeping you safe.
One thing I want you to understand –  your brain is gonna be your biggest ally in your life because it’s the most powerful known organism in the universe but we haven’t been given the users manual. Through studying and experience carried out by  many neuro brain experts, a practical system was developed. The best one in the world is the innersizing system created with John Assaraf being the mind behind it.
The cutting-edge techniques allow you to master your fullest potential.  When you understand what’s going on and you understand how your brain works, you are going to be able to utilize your brain better.
John Assaraf’s  vision is to help millions of people recognize what is holding them back – whether it’s their fears, their limiting beliefs, their self-image, their old stories, excuses, traumas they’ve had from the past.
His, and now my, goal is to help them unlock their brains’ hidden power, but more importantly to overcome any of the things that are limiting people and holding them back right now. So first you have to understand the work of the brain, then learn by practice how to manage to create synchronicity and do that using  the tools to do it.
***2) Again, an example:  I want to Lose 20 pounds weight. What happens –  if at the subconscious level, let’s say for weight loss.  You tried to lose weight before, and maybe you have, but then you’ve gained it back .  What if you’ve done that three or four times -it is that pattern, ok, the memory, the pattern locked in the subconscious mind of all those experiences. This pattern brings back the memory of all that happened before:
First we use the conscious brain, then the unconscious one steps in and reminds us of the past.
You set the goal, using the left prefrontal cortex of your brain your imagination.  You were excited.  You made progress. Then, right after you set the goal and you’re excited because you’re you’re making some progress, your brain says – hey last time you did this you gained all the weight back!   Why even try?!  Last time you did this and your friends saw that you did this and then you gained all the weight back. You were embarrassed, you were a little bit ashamed of yourself last time.  And,  you did this three or four times but you always gained all the weight back.  You disappointed yourself and your significant other.  They said – you look really great and then you gained all the weight back so you disappointed them and yourself. That pattern is there right?
How does the chaos or incoherence happen in the brain?
So if you think about your imagination and your choice,  to set a goal is one pattern that you formulate.  But if underneath there’s a subconscious pattern of embarrassment ,shame, failure, guilt, disappointment etc, and if that pattern is also there, then you have two opposing patterns. A big chaos is created. Do you want to live through that again?
You have one pattern that says – let’s go and do this, but you have another pattern and  it says – but last time you did this you failed, or you’ve seen your sister or brother, or mother, or father, or friend do this,  and guess what, they gained all the weight back anyway, so why even try?!
The subconscious brain says to you: I’m gonna keep you safe in your comfort zone.  I’m going to conserve your energy and that way I’m gonna save you some time and money.  Does that make sense? That is called cognitive dissonance. There is another way of saying it, that’s called chaos in the brain.  So as a result we  do the things that are comfortable doing.
So, how do we create coherence between the subconscious and the conscious brain so there is coherence instead of chaos?
***3) Let’s say you have a car which I imagine most people have. Imagine you’re driving your car and a light comes on the dashboard.  It’s like, oh, I wonder what that light is.. and you look a little bit closer and it says you’re low on oil in the engine. Now you’re aware of that and the light stays on and then two seconds later another light comes on.  What’s going on? – you are thinking.  The rear tire is low on air. A bit of fear sneaks in. A negative emotion is stirred in your mind, right?
Emotions triggered by subconscious brain
Wow, what the hell is going on?  – you keep driving say to the next gas station.  ‘I’m going to stop and I’ll fill up the air and I’ll put on some oil in the in the engine so that everything is ok’ – goes in your mind.
Why am I using that example when we have an emotion?  Pay close attention.  You have emotions, but you are not your emotions. Emotions are different from feelings.  Emotions happen as an automatic subconscious trigger ,when your brain is evaluating something you want to do, or something that you are doing, against the memory that’s in there.  That’s causing this old emotion of how you felt, or what you did, or what you were thinking, or what you were experiencing, at the time that the memory was created.

So all emotions are processed at the subconscious level and whatever pattern is associated with that behavior that you’re doing right now or the incoming stimuli from the outside world is activated. The situation now is going to trigger this emotion which then sends a neuro chemical release that you feel as guilt.  It has the thought patterns of guilt or the emotions of being embarrassed.

What are the feelings 
The feeling is the conscious awareness of ‘the cocktail’ of neuro chemicals that have been released, but the emotion is subconscious.  So is it possible to recalibrate neurological pattern in the brain. It is possible to change a pattern. It  is nothing more than neurons that have been connected in a certain old way, and we have to learn to connect them in a new positive way.
How to interrupt a negative pattern from the past
You can interrupt a pattern from the past. It’s possible as any pattern that exists in the brain is nothing more than a group of neurons, brain cells that in many cases have 10,000 connections.  You can formulate this connectedness between the neurons so you can interrupt a pattern just like you can interrupt and create a new habit.  You can interrupt an emotional pattern, a behavioral pattern, a feeling pattern and you can interrupt it using a variety of methodologies.
You can take a pattern and you can visualize it getting smaller.  You can accentuate it with colors, with animal images, with visualization, with meditation, with mindfulness, with affirmations, with subliminal programming.
You can interrupt patterns and even more important than that, based on the latest research on neuro plasticity you can create a new pattern that will become the new default pattern. That is how you interrupt a pattern.
So if you take any event that’s occurred in the past, if you just merely think of that event that’s occurred in the past, chances are, you’re firing off the neural network of that pattern, right?
 *** 4) So you could take the idea of eating your favorite dessert. What do you think is happening in your brain when you pretend you’re eating that favorite dessert yours? Your mouth starts to water and you start to feel- oh that’s such a great dessert !  That’s neurons in your brain firing in the neuro chemistry that is associated with that memory.
Let’s say that you have a disempowering pattern of being embarrassed or ashamed or ridiculed, but instead of just thinking about the pattern, or as soon as you think about the pattern and it has a disempowering or negative emotion.  That means that the stress center in the brain has been activated, that means that your heartbeats are gonna go up.  That means that your sweat glands are going to be activated.  That means you’re going to breathe a little bit less deeply, it’ll be more shallowly.  The fear or stress response gets activated.
How to stop the negative pattern:
       a/ Become Aware Of It
What if, instead of allowing that to continue, you just stopped and you had this intention
: I’m going to dissolve the the strength of this pattern!   How do you do that?!  Well, first and foremost, you stop.  You become aware. So you want to move away from your stress and you activate a system that will make you  relax.
        b/Go into quiet relaxed state thanks to deep breathing and innersizing
We all have parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems okay that are triggered within the body so what happens when you sit quietly and you take six deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth like you’re blowing out through a straw.  When you do it six times in 10 second – rhythmic breaths and you focus on the air, that you’re blowing out through your mouth, like you’re blowing out through a straw, that simple inner size calms the circuits.  It actually deactivates the stress, fear, embarrassment, shame ,guilt circuits
in a quiet relaxed state that same memory does not have the same power

if you don’t do it in that relaxed state of mind, you need to do it more times for longer periods.

If you do it in a in a tense stressful state you have to actually reinforce that pattern versus thinking about bringing up that old memory.  Doing this repetitively ten times 20 times, 30 times ,40 times until the neurons really don’t fire at that strength level will bring you back to seeing the memory in a less powerful way.

Innersizing in a relaxed calm state which allows you to become aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling. You want to be aware of thoughts, emotions, feeling, sensations without judgment, without playing, without shame, without guilt.  It can become just pure awareness as you continue to breathe.
***c) Then I would think of what my intention is and set it – to release this guilt, my intention is to release the shame, my intention is to release this feeling of embarrassment, my intention is to …. then the next comes action!
What’s one action step I can take right now towards my intention?  One action step!
Remember we’re looking to interrupt the old pattern!  We’re looking to be aware of it and set a new intention.  I would be taking one action to let go of the old pattern and so I could do one affirmation right now that says – I am choosing right now to release my embarrassment from the past when I was 12 years old (example only) and I’m gonna take one action to prove to myself that I can do this today.
When you take six deep breaths first and then you do an inner sizing, you dissipate the strength and power of the old memory.  That old neural circuit, that’s been running for 10 20 30 40 50 years 60 years in some cases or more, is seen by you in a clam manner now. You are in control of it versus it being in control of you.
Now you’re working with your conscious brain to be aware in a calm relaxed alpha brainwaves state, which will get you to access your subconscious brain.  Then you can introduce and direct the new pattern that you want to create.  When you do that I guess what happens is, you start to create coherence in the brain.  You start being more in control of what you are doing and what you’re experiencing, rather than being in an automatic pilot state.
That is some of what inner sizing will do for you if you start reading and following John Assaraf.
We’re talking about inner size-  the new size.   Don’t lock your brain’s hidden power.
The Inner sizing will help you retrain your brain and use your brain, the way it was meant to be used.

Choose mindfully to check out how John Assaraf is helping thousands every day. It is not enough to listen and read only. In order to form a new pattern, we need to do some work on the old one. Imagine how long have you been living and building the old patterns, which are only stopping you from taking actions today. They are holding you back.

Well, you will be helped over a period of time to create that new healthy pattern and reinforce it, to make it a defalt pattern. According to the experts, at least 90 days regular 15-30 mins a day is necessary to do that. It takes practice, just like exercise takes practice, so does the inner sizing.

New York Times bestselling author, John Assaraf, has coached thousands to be in control of their mind. People testify daily how they let go of what’s not working,  how they let go of self-limiting beliefs.  Most of them never realized they had numerous fears  that were holding them back.  Many had self-esteem issues that held them back from achieving their goals and dreams. They managed to let go of the stories they were telling themselves.
You can live the life you were meant to live.  I know that you can do it and there’s mental and emotional blocks that every one of us has developed mostly from childhood when the subconscious brain was being developed.  All of you have beliefs and habits or even perceptions from when you were very young. We all develop them in childhood. Just remember that you could change those who keep you stuck.
Remember you can develop more helpful patterns.  The empowering technics help you let go of the old useless patterns that don’t serve you and allow you to create the ones that can serve you awesomely.  It has taken years to develop the technics and create a practical efficient model used today by thousands happy men and women in the world, including myself.
Don’t forget to share this please, hit the share buttons.  Let’s get lots of people this information which can at minimum plant the seed, that beliefs and habits, old useless negative patterns can be, and are being  very successfully changed
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