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Lake Ohrid/Inspirational Quotes of Madre Teresa
Lake Ohrid/Inspirational quotes of Madre Teresa

Feeling that your life is meaningful is an essential component for happiness, wellbeing, and life-satisfaction.

Feelings of worry and self-doubt suggest that you should you devote a few extra minutes each day meditating on what your deepest purpose in life could be.

Neuroscience researchers like Persinger found evidence that this sense of meaningfulness is a “felt presence” that involves nonverbal experiences “that are the right hemispheric equivalents of the sense of self.” In other words, you can’t logically THINK your way into creating a meaningful life; instead you have to tap into your intuition.

Mindfulness meditation will take you there, but I suggest you try the following temporal-lobe exercise:

Put on some mellow music and then breathe deeply, relax, and yawn for 3 minutes.
Let go of your everyday thinking and consciousness.
Then, using your intuition, think about the people, books, events, and experiences that have had the greatest impact on your life.
Write them down but make sure you include events from each decade of your life.
Then mindfully gaze at your list.
There is a pattern there that will give you direct clues to what you find most meaningful in your life.
Ask your intuitive imagination what it “sees” and savor any insights that come to mind.
Seek more experiences like the ones that deeply touched your life in the past…these are the activities that give your life greater purpose and deeper satisfaction.