Month: May 2019

Simple Pleasures in Life

by Amanda Green Simple pleasures are brief experiences that emerge in an everyday setting, and they bring a positive impact on one’s life. They are accessible to most people at little or no cost. These pleasures are often personal. This means that what may be a simple pleasure for you may not be a simple…

The law of attraction working. Higher vibration ‘feels’ higher vibrating people.
A friend of mine has made a super energy and optimism re-charging video on how to start  from the bottom and go up and up to the top. 
I can offer you a ‘little big’ pleasure here below. What is it? Read below.

A friend of mine , bestselling author of “Unsinkable” and renowned “Bounce Back” expert, Sonia Ricotti, explores the true secrets to  bouncing back quickly when life knocks you down.