My Attraction Law and Its Heros

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Let me sample the Higher knowledge and higher Vibration

Maybe just listening for one short time is not going to be enough to change you or change your life. But keep your mind open and your senses open. Follow the emotions you will feel.

We have been learning for decades how not to be emotional and how to hide our vulnerability. Maybe we have learned that too well. It is now time to un-learn and get back to our being in control of emotions, but letting ourself be sometimes vulnerable.

Only then we can get into a state in which we can start feeling who we really are and what we really love within us.

Are we happy now that we look quite undisturbed by events and people? Are we feeling loved by the rest? Wouldn’t it be more natural for us to come down from our ‘pedestals’ and interact on a human level with those around us?

Don’t be afraid. The first hurdle to overcome is exactly the fear, be it fear of getting involved, fear of being ‘seen’, fear of becoming famous, fear of ‘not knowing’ what to do etc etc .

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