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Stop Feeling Responsible for Everyone’s Problems

Don’t Shoulder the Burden of Everyone Else’s Problems

Sometimes, people get a bit too caught up with everyone else’s issues and can’t focus on their own. It’s very easy – especially if you’re trying to be a nice person – to try to help everyone with everything. 

Focus on Your Own Problems, not others’

You end up being so focused on being a positive contributor to everyone else’s lives that you can’t stop and solve your own problems or work on your own dreams, which only allows your issues to grow larger and larger until they finally overburden you. 

Do not make people depend on you

You’re putting yourself in a bad position, as well as making the people around you overly dependent on you. You might not even notice that everything is piling up until you’re already becoming overburdened. 

The Boss, The Colleagues, The Hubby, Your Buddy, Kids = Too Much

First you might have to work a bit later to help out your boss and coworkers. Maybe someone you know at work needs help with a home project, and they need your help. However, your spouse needs you to get a few things done around the house while they get finished with some other chores. 

Your kids might need help on their schoolwork or projects. You might have an old buddy from college coming to town later who wants to meet up again. Before you know it, you’re absolutely swamped. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to say no to everyone. You have to learn how to manage your time to include time for yourself, as well as learning how to say ‘no’ to unnecessary tasks. 

Learn to Prioritise

If your kid’s project isn’t due for another few weeks, you can put it off for a little bit to spread out the burden. You don’t really need to help your coworker finish their home projects. 

Politely, yet firmly, tell them that you can’t help because of other tasks you have to do. If you’re always the person that helps everyone, people will begin to take advantage of that. 

If you want to pursue something rewarding for yourself, such as a career change where you’re launching your own online empire, don’t let others stand in the way of that. It takes time, and if you find yourself always using excuses as to why you can’t get it done, find out if those excuses are due to handling other peoples’ tasks. 

Set Time for The Most Important – Yourself

It’s very important that you set aside time for yourself to think, rejuvenate, and enjoy life. You might pick up a hobby or begin an entrepreneurial business to better yourself. This time is essential for you to live a happy, healthy life. 

Otherwise, you’re just stuck helping everyone else live their lives. You can find time to help your friends and family while still dedicating enough time to help yourself. Even then, you should try to help your friends and family become more independent, and learn how to do their home projects and school work with little to no help, because help won’t always be there. 

Brain Retraining for Success in all Areas

Appreciate What Goes Right In Life

Gain Appreciation for What’s Going Right in Your Life as this will give you positive vibrations and Drive.

‘Count your blessings’ not your failures.

Sometimes, people see life through a filter of negativity, only focusing on the bad parts. They always think about what’s going wrong in their lives, what gets them riled up, and what they hate. 

Many people like to indulge these thoughts and complain about these things to their friends and coworkers, either in person or over social media. If they’re working on their online business, the focus isn’t on accomplishments, but on what they failed to achieve instead. 

It is easy to soak in negativity

This is even more prevalent in people who have it rough. It’s much easier to be upset about the bad things happening to you than to be grateful for the good. To be truly happy, you have to be able to appreciate the things that are going right. 

Focusing too much on the negative aspects of your life negatively affects you and the people around you. You’ll be in a perpetual state of gloom if gloom is all you ever know. You can’t effectively work towards your goals if you’re stuck in negativity. 

You can’t even begin to fix what’s going wrong in your life if you focus too much on it – you won’t even know where to begin if it’s all you know. Instead, dedicate your time and energy toward appreciating the positive aspects of your life. 

Choose to dwell on on what goes right in your Life

Basic Needs Satisfied

We should all take more time to appreciate the things in our lives that are going right. Think about what you have that others would be desperate for, whether it be a house, a car, a job, or even a family. 

Working on your Dream Project

Even just living in a first world country is a great benefit. So instead of focusing on how much you hate your boss and wish you could leave it to pursue an online business, think about how wonderful it is to have a source of income as you work on your entrepreneurial dream, because many people aren’t so fortunate. 

Experiencing Good Feeling

When you focus more on the things that are going right in your life, you make it much easier to work towards your goals. When you appreciate the things that are going right, it gives you greater drive to accomplish your goals, because you know the feeling of success and want to feel more of it. 

Inspiring those around you by being Positive

When you focus too much on the negative, you don’t get that drive to change your life for the better. Even your friends and family will feel the effects of your positivity – by seeing your upbeat attitude, they’ll be inspired to follow in your footsteps. 

By doing this, you can feel more accomplished by having contributed positively to their lives. Learn to take time to appreciate what’s right, and you’ll find that you’ll have more positive experiences. 

The Law of Attraction

Life Meaningful Experiences

How Do You Feel about Yourself Right Now

We sometimes struggle with the fact that we don’t feel as if we’ve had a truly meaningful experience in our lives. It makes you feel stuck, as if where you’re at now is all you can ever have or be.

It doesn’t have to turn out this way. If you’re in a career you can’t stand, and wish you were your own boss, you can do it. You can have a meaningful career that provides personal satisfaction where you wake up day after day eager to get to work.

How Many Meaningful Experiences Have You Had in Life?

You might not know what it even feels like to have a meaningful experience, or what would satisfy you personally. First, you should figure out what makes an experience meaningful. 

Most commonly, a meaningful experience is an event or other experience that has made a considerable impact on you, or otherwise shaped who you are. It might have been a positive experience that left you feeling more confident, or it might have been scarring and left you feeling vulnerable. 

However, some people feel as if they never really had a defining moment that changed them, and they crave such an experience. For some, meaningful experiences have come naturally, but not for all. 

Creating Meaningful Experiences

Some people may have to go out and experience something for themselves. Typically, this will involve you getting out of your comfort zone, and overcoming one of your fears. For example, if you have always been terrified of heights, book a skydiving session. 

If you’re scared of the ocean, try out scuba diving. If you do something mundane or something that you’re comfortable with, it won’t stand out as meaningful or have any real impact on who you are.

Really, the only thing that can make an experience meaningful is you. No matter what you do, you have to be able to take some kind of meaning away from it when it’s done. If you’re afraid of heights and go skydiving, it doesn’t help you if you don’t take a feeling of pride and courage from it when you’re done. 

Give a meaning to events

You have to be able to give meaning to these events, because no event inherently has meaning. You can even choose to give positive meaning to otherwise negative events. For example, you can take away the positive experience of having pushed through with rough times if you get fired, and later find another job.

Meaningful Experiences Give you Drive and Courage

Having meaningful experiences is extremely important for you if you want to be successful. When faced with adversity in the business world, you need to be able to look back on something that you thought you could never do, like skydiving, and that will give you the drive to overcome your obstacles – such as fear of hosting a webinar or being on a video blog. 

If you can overcome your worst fears, then everything in the business world is easy. By having some kind of reference and source of courage, you’ll be able to work toward your goals with much more confidence, making sure you’re accomplishing them quicker.

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