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You can fight stress in many ways:


When do you feel stressed? When you get too caught up in the things you don’t like, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and the path to achieving them. Once you begin to indulge in your anger, you quickly begin to feel worse each day by continuing to fuel all the wrong emotions.

If you wake up in the morning only thinking about the things you don’t like and how angry or disheartened that makes you, then you’ll live the rest of your life in a negative mindset, which is bad for your mental and physical health.


Staying in a constant state of anger or sadness is bad for your health in many ways. You might find yourself experiencing more frequent headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, and other physically harmful feelings.

These are all side effects of stress, which is always present with negative emotions. Mentally, you’ll find yourself being more irritable and upset, which can affect your loved ones.

Most importantly, you won’t be focused on the goals you want to work towards. You won’t ever feel that sense of satisfaction that you crave if all of your days are spent being upset.


If you go to bed and wake up worried and stressed telling yourself  you’re not good enough to be a niche leader online, then it detracts from the happiness you could be feeling from achieving the goals you tackled that day. That confidence will lend to more success the following day, whereas anxiety will cause it to stall.

How can you improve your thoughts to benefit you?


If you’re a 9-5 worker, instead of waking up thinking about how you’re going to dread seeing that one coworker of yours, think about how happy you are to have a stable job. Focus on the things that you love and the things that you need to do.


Complaining about your coworkers every day isn’t going to help you accomplish your goals. It’s absolutely useless, and it only causes issues for you, not for them. Instead of complaining about everything that’s wrong, focus your efforts on fixing the things that are wrong that you can fix, and spend some time focusing on the things that you enjoy or are pleased with.


When you start to spend your time and energy working towards things that you want and things that you enjoy, you’ll lose that feeling of stress. You’ll wake up feeling energised and excited to start your day rather than dreading another useless day being stressed and getting nothing done.


Get on a good sleep schedule if you’re not already on one so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love. You’ll find that your mind is more at ease and you feel much healthier.


You’ll gain a sense of satisfaction just knowing that you’re taking control of your own path, that you’re living life how you want to live it rather than letting someone (or something) else turn you into an unproductive mess.

Brain Retraining for Success in all Areas My Attraction Law and Its Heros

How to Get Over Limiting Beliefs – NeuroGym CEO John Assaraf


Possibilities lead to Opportunities
Focus on Possibilities to see Opportunities!

Is it possible to start from Zero and Install only good supporting beliefs and get over Limiting beliefs which are only keeping you in the same place for years?

NeuroGym SEO John Assaraf is a leader in the field of Brain Retraining. He started with the changes he made in his own beliefs a salesman. Interesting story and unstoppable success  characterise his life path so far.

He did not stop when he achieved his personal success. He went on to developing a system with “Beliefs & Habit Generator” for the rest of us. It only takes a bit of faith. It all starts with a small first step by giving it a chance. Few minutes of your time? >>> [let me listen free]

Besides, I am not making him a star, he is one.

Remember the saying – If you always do what you always did, you will never change anything in your life!

Maybe you think that you will never be as good as…[ Alan ] But maybe you will, and maybe you will become better. The first block is obvious – you do not allow even a possibility of you becoming as good or better than [Alan ].

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My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Do You Inspire those around you or Do they Drag you down ?

I want Dreamers & Achievers in my Life
Surround Yourself with Dreamers & Achievers

 Do The Closest To You Support Your Efforts To Get Personal Satisfaction?


Sometimes, we’re held back from achieving our goals by the people we least suspect: those closest to us. We do not inspire them. We cannot convince them. It is difficult to accept but often the people you’re the most well acquainted with might be working against you, whether they realise it or not.

They act as obstacles, preventing you from doing the things you love or pursuing your dream job. They might say things like you don’t have the character it takes to make it to your goals – especially if you’re trying to launch a new career for something like online entrepreneurial efforts.


It’s not always that easy to spot their destructive behaviour. Your friends and family will have different ways of interfering with your personal satisfaction. Some might be very direct and blunt, telling you that your goals are unrealistic or that you’re not good enough to achieve them.

Others and it is often your parents might tell you to not pursue your dreams in the name of job security or some other excuse. They have always believed that a certain job position is the top you can have. They cannot help it, they have limited beliefs! To inspire them to expect something better will be a task. Life has changed but they remained with the older beliefs, They have fears of changes.

They could try to steer you in another direction, assuring you it’s the best path for you. In reality, only you know what’s best for you. The worst thing about that is – even if your closest people are acting as obstacles, you can’t just cut out everyone who’s important in your life.

If you just started seeing someone new and they wanted you to stop pursuing your dreams, then perhaps it’d be a good idea to stop seeing them. However, how could you cut out your own parents if they tried to steer you towards a different career?


You have to be able to set a certain boundary in which you consider their advice and respectfully decline it if you don’t agree with it. If you can’t inspire them to support you, they could begin to insult your career choice or goals, then they would be crossing the boundary you set.


Once people cross your boundaries, you have to make the decision of whether or not you should keep them in your life or distance yourself from them. You should weigh the positive and negative influence, and if they’re an overall drag on your happiness, there’s no reason to keep them around – at least not on a continuous basis.

Let them know that they’re bringing you down, and you’re not going to associate with them until they change their ways. If you let such people stick around and tell you how to live your life, you’ll end up unhappy and dissatisfied.

My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Brain re-training techniques for financial success

Yesterday, I told you I’d spill the beans on the breakthrough methods my friend John Assaraf created for re-training your brain for financial success.

You’re going to get a chance to learn these techniques to finally breakthrough your limiting beliefs, shatter your financial glass ceiling, and start living a life of financial success.

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Here’s an uncomfortable truth:

Growth can be painful.

It’s tough to try and step out of your comfort zone, unsure if the path you’re heading down will lead you to success or failure.

It’s even harder to try and make the leap from “just scraping by” to “financially free” without any guarantee of success.

But there is a way that you can guarantee you’ll have a better financial future, regardless of whatever life throws your way.

You can train your brain to think differently about money. And that can help safeguard you from whatever the future may hold.

There are a variety of techniques you can use.

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    • Why 95% of people fail when setting financial goals (And the slight difference that allows the other 5% to accomplish almost every financial goal they set – without fail)
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But you’re not going to just hear from John Assaraf…

You’re also going to hear from a hand-picked panel of brain science experts who have graciously agreed to share their best strategies for retraining your brain for success.

Here is the world-class lineup of presenters and the topics they’ll be presenting on at the 5th Annual Live Brain-A-Thon:

      • 1-Dr Daniel Friedland M.D: Chairman, The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. Turn Your Money Stress Into Financial Success– Stress can shut down your motivation, make you sick and kill your chances for financial success. Daniel will show you how to gain control and redirect and leverage your brain’s natural stress response system to fuel your focus and energy so you earn more money and achieve financial freedom.
      • 2-Dr Evian Gordon M.D. PHD. World Renowned Neuroscientist – Get Unstuck: Maximize Your Brilliant Subconscious Mind. Almost everyone knows their real power is locked deep in their subconscious mind unfortunately, not many people know how to access it and use it to their advantage. Discover how to retrain your brain and get unblocked and unstuck from the hidden mental and emotional traps silently sabotaging your success and preventing you from achieving your fullest potential.
      • 3-Dr Srini Pillay: Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical- Strategic Speed: Use Your Brain to Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster. Most people know there must be a faster way to achieve their financial goals, but they’ve never learned how to use their brains the right way to do it. Based on the latest brain research, you’ll discover how to unleash the genius parts of your brain so you can find and take the smartest path to financial success.
      • 4-David Bach: One of America’s Most Trusted Financial Experts – The Automatic Millionaire. Believe it or not, most millionaires didn’t take the slow, painful road to riches. Join David, author of 9 New York Times Bestsellers, as he reveals counter intuitive thinking and simple behavioral patterns which automatically eliminate your debt, and grow your wealth so you retire comfortably and live the lifestyle you desire. ( even if you think it’s too late). Now is the time for you to get of the hamster wheel and start living life on your own terms.
      • 5-Sharon Pearson: Neuro Linguistic Programming Expert- Break Free From Past Failures, Challenges, Stories, Circumstances or Excuses. Sharon will share how simple self-talk and mental focus techniques will retrain your brain and empower you to step up and live the biggest, best version of your life. You’ll discover how she transformed her life from seriously considering suicide to growing a $10 Million a year coaching business helping men and women overcome their challenges while following their deepest passions.
      • 6-Mark Waldman: Expert Neuro-Coach and Brain Researcher – Change Your Brain. Transform Your Life. Mark will share the most advanced neuroscience-based methods you can immediately use to recognize and release any of your negative or destructive patterns. You’ll learn how to redirect negative thoughts, release unwanted emotions and stop your negative self judgement or self sabotaging behaviors. When you understand better how your brain works, you can literally rescript your money story and reshape your self worth and transform your results and life.

Your Host:

      • 7-John Assaraf: Founder, NeuroGym. 2 Time New York Times Best Selling Author and Creator of Innercise

And last, but certainly not least… Larry King – The World’s Greatest Interviewer – will serve as the moderator for this star-studded guest expert panel. No explanation needed!

So if you want to put an end to those constant, nagging fears you have about money… and if you want to START living with greater financial freedom… then…

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These methods have worked for thousands of people who are well on their way to financial success, and they can work for you too.

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