My Attraction Law and Its Heros

What’s your Abundance Frequency Score?

Dear Awesome Friends,


I have some super fun stuff for you! 


Today marks the beginning of a three-week Abundance Blitz in honor of my good friend and colleague, Rikka Zimmerman’s upcoming training, Rikka’s Money Mastery!


Rikka has so many fun, free resources for you to play with that will skyrocket your abundance vibration and help you begin attracting the wealth and abundance that are your birthright! 

Rikka's Abundance Frequency Quiz
Rikka Zimmerman – Personal Development Coach of Success


And what you may not know is that you could be inadvertently blocking yourself from experiencing unlimited abundance. (Oye!)


If this is the case, guess what… it’s SO not your fault!


You could be connected to 1 of 5 sneaky abundance anchors that are lowering your vibration and keeping you from resonating at the abundance that is already INSIDE YOU! 


Wanna know what yours is? Rikka has personally put together a 30-Second Abundance Frequency Score Quiz that will show you!


>>> Discover Your Abundance Frequency Score! <<<  


When you complete her Quiz, you’ll get immediately access to YOUR personal Abundance Frequency Score™.


And that’s an important first step, because once you know it, Rikka will walk you from where you are, through the proven steps to raise your vibration around money, so you can receive wealth and abundance – effortlessly!


Wondering how Rikka knows so much about how to raise your abundance frequency?


Because she has been through it BIG TIME – Not kidding!  


She shares how she went from being so deep in endless debt and energetically buried in lack … to making millions and living her abundant dream life.


Just 8 years ago, she was $80,000 dollars in debt, working tirelessly to make ends meet. She dug herself into such a huge hole that she felt like there was absolutely no way out.


Abundance was what she wanted most, while she was living a life full of lack. Sound familiar? She knew there was something keeping her from receiving the wealth she desired.


Through research, learning, and growing, she discovered that she was being vibrationally weighed down by limited financial anchors she couldn’t even see…


These anchors were keeping her from the awareness and vibration. She realized she needed to shift her situation.


When she figured out how to identify and release them, she also learned how to raise her energetic vibration to abundance – and as she stepped into the highest echelons of love and joy, everything unlocked for her.


Now you might be thinking… Well that’s Rikka. It probably does not apply to me. Not true my friend… this process works on everyone – it’s a frequency thing! 


Together with Rikka, you will begin to raise YOUR Abundance Frequency Score™ so you can achieve limitless wealth, joy and abundance!


So check it out… just takes 30 seconds!


>>> Your Dreams CAN Come True <<<  


We’ll see you on the other side!


Talk to You soon

Denny Redpath 

P.S. Remember, knowing where you are now is the first step toward getting where you want to be! Once you find out which Abundance Frequency anchors are keeping you stuck, you can then release them, for good! 

FREE Quiz, Free Gift <<< Get Started NOW!  

P.P.S. Feel free to forward this information on to your friends and family members! Just be sure to take the quiz yourself.

My Attraction Law and Its Heros The Law of Attraction

Wayne Dyer’s 7 Motivational Lessons for a Better Life based on The Law of Attraction

Wayne Dyer’s Wisdom on Law of Attraction

There are so many “Stars” using the principles or being “in the Higher Vibration Flow” of the Law of Attraction. We can learn from them! And have they always existed, even in the past centuries. We did not have the theory then. That is all.

1) The Secret – Some have read the book, others saw the Movie. Exciting and Motivational
2) Some of those stars in the book became Motivational Coaches basing their courses and teaching on the principles of the Law of Attraction

a) Practical technical easy to follow ways to get into the higher Vibration

Perfect example on that are:

#John Assaraf with hisNeuro Brain Retraining of course. He proves You can Have it All

Bob Proctor – with his Quantum University and Live Retreats. He dedicated all his life on the belief that We were Born Rich and we only haveto claim our Right to be Abundant in life!

Rikka Zimmerman who glows with her Love for humanity. Do her free  Quiz on Money if that is what you need right now. By the way just now Rikka is having a special program where You should sample the Energy and Higher Vibration!

Natalie Ledwell, who has invented Mind Movies – excellent propellor to Success.

3) Others are not with us any longer, but left us a precious heritage, like Wayne Dyer with his 7 Letters for a Better Life (in the video here)

  1. Activate Your Attraction
  2. Live with Gratitude 0.23
  3. Let Your Dreams Flow 0.33
  4. Learn From Stress 0.53
  5. Give Up Control
  6. Surrender Your Ego 1.06
  7. Believe in Miracles 1.23

Enjoy all of the motivational and practical advice you could get from those great motivators and achievers. All of them are highly successful. Some are Speakers on CNN & Ted talks, others published & New York Time best Sellin Authors.

Tell others, comment, subscribe to our Blog. Share your thoughts and inspiring experience. Let’s make this World a better place! This is our life, and every day is unique. Let’s be grateful for all we have!


My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Win Over the Fear of Rejection! Keep moving towards your Goal!

How To Win over the Fear of Rejection

Rejection… The phrase Sorry, NO!” – It hits you right into the stomach, even when it is just a normal polite “Sorry, No!…

Well , I know rejection  can make you feel very “insignificant” or “ignored”, but it doesn’t have to be such a personal blow! Everyone gets rejected… I get rejected and hear “No” all the time, but I don’t let it sneak in my soul and make me look “small”! With every “No”,  I’m closer to a “Yes.” It’s simply matemathics!  With every refusal, I’m getting better at asking and closer to a success. Let’s say that with every rejection, again,mathematically, I’m closer to acceptance.

Let’s face it, what’s the worst thing that happens when someone says, “No, I am sorry!”? I know, feelings can get hurt. But much worse than that would be to stop going after your dreams, creating the life you want, and making the world a better place…

Just listen to this great motivator and expert on Brain Retraining >>> FREE ACCESS PLEASE

Just think about what would have happened if  Nikola Tesla or Steve Jobs or, any inventor or, leader would have stopped at the first sign of rejection… How different would our world be?

Don’t let the word “No” paralize you… Don’t let fear of rejection hold you from achieving your big dreams… Never stop dreaming and, more importantly, working persistently toward achieving your goals and dreams…

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I believe we should teach our children at a very young age how to handle fear of rejection, so it never becomes un-surmountable and a killer for our goals!

I will cover this important subject in more detail soon.

Now, go ahead, and Don’t take “No’ for an answer! “Yes” is just around the corner! It’s simple maths!



The Law of Attraction

Live Changing LOA Event with Bob Proctor-Sonia Ricotti-John Assaraf ++ {Encore}

Life-changing Event with the Renowned “Law of Attraction” bunch of Achievers


Life Changing Event Feb



Another extraordinary possibility to soak in the vibration of the “big” of our days. Do not be mistaken.  You will never remain detached and unmoved.  The benefit of being on Live event with Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Sonia Ricotti and the rest… is felt immediately. You will carry that feeling with you for quite a long time.

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Your Greatest Life Awaits. . .

Your Ultimate Life! Conference is a free all-day inspirational online event that will unleash your greatest life!

Join “Bounce Back” expert and #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti as she hosts this life-changing event. She will be bringing together some of the top motivational speakers on the planet to help you achieve great wealth, health, career, relationships and overall happiness!

Get ready to live the life you LOVE and DESERVE!

Life Class Sessions all day long – what do you say?

Many of you have not managed to go on the last Live Event and requested another one. So here it is!

If you want to overcome difficult times in ANY area of your life, this is the right place to come. If you want to learn the steps and strategies needed to achieve great wealth, good health, lovely relationships, inner peace and happiness, you are in the right place.  I know it sound too much, but you can have it all!

How about those of you who want to  achieve your dream career/business? Enough dreaming. Get going!


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This Live exceptional event is also for those of you who want to have the assurance they are on the right path in life. It could be eye opening.  Take your relationships and careers to the next level!

John Assaraf will be sharing the latest Neuroscience research as it relates to earning more money.  Eliminate your money blocks and re-wire your brain and achieve great financial and personal success in  your life.

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