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Mind-training in 3 steps! Welcome to our success train !

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Why do you need Mind – Training? Good question.

If you are one of us normal humans, you have ups and downs. You would say it is normal, right? Eventually it changes, from one to the other.  But did you know that when you train your mind you can be happy no matter what? I mean, not exhillarated, but in a good mood, with a smile on, no nervous bursts for small hick ups in everyday mansions?! Why worry about it? The answer is that when you maintain your good positive disposition, you accomplish more and quicker. You have more time to spend with your family and children and create. Isn’t that important? I would say, it is.


So the idea of Mind – Training is to stop worries, negative thoughts, and fears from visiting your mind.

Being persistently happy is possible


In the last 10 years, mind science has made leaps in that field.  Psychology experts and Neuro brain experts have put together  a simple system of daily habits and ‘brain hacks’ that make  the human mind search for  happy thoughts – even in the most negative of circumstances.

So, do you want to make every day a good day?

Then follow these 3 easy steps for being in a constant flow of happiness and positivity in your life…

Step 1. Find at least 1-3 reasons for Gratitude

The world’s top experts on human happiness today all agree on the life-changing power of gratitude.  Oprah, Ekhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Rikka Zimmerman, Natalie Ledwell just to name a few.

They have tested it in their life and they have coached millions who achieved that goal successfully.

Expressing gratitude frequently increases the good vibes, eliminates good portion of the stress. Often depression and symptoms of illness have been reduced!  There are thousands of case-studies on the subject.

People who wrote down just 5 things they were grateful for each week were 25% happier than those who didn’t.

Suggested Action: Start a journal and write down at least 1-3 things you’re grateful for at the start of each day.

Before you close your eyes at night, remind yourself those 1-3 facts you wrote in the morning and add to that new ones linked to that day.  Any little success should be acknowledged. Count your blessings daily!

Step 2.  Regular excersice does wonders

Everyone wants to be healthy, fit and good looking – but did you know that even just a few minutes of daily exercise can boost greatly your happiness level?

Exercise is also a great way to stimulate your brain to get more endorphins, happiness hormones.

Suggested Action : If you have a tight schedule, try Brian Johnsons’s idea.

  • While you are sitting behind your desk, take a minute or two, more than once a day, to strain all muscles of the body holding on till you can.
  • Or practise fast and  short 1-2 mins runs with a backpack, that equals much longer workout session in the gym and it is free.


Step 3 Quick Meditation

Once again meditation. You might have heard it hundreds of times and never tried it.  I myself had a wrong idea about meditation for a long time. When I started my quest for more fulfillment, happier daily life, I finally decided to check it out. What is the meditation? My surprise was enormous, when I learned that to meditate,  I did not have to think about something, but had  to stop thinking altogether. Emptying your mind while concentrating on the breathing, air in, air out, well I did not expect that. And the result? You could say – a reset. You reset and refresh your computer often, right? It is a similar action with our brain.

Suggested Action: In the middle of your day, take a 5 minute break, stretch and yawn well, then sit still in a comfortable position and do one short 3 minute meditation. Inhale slowly and mentally follow your breath from the nose through the body till it feels your tummy, uphold it for few seconds, then exhale slowly, following the air leaving your body through the mouth. If any thoughts start flooding in, acknowledge them and put them in a mental drawer, going back to the breathing. In 5 minutes you will feel better, refreshed and ready to tackle your tasks again.


To your  happiness,

Denny – Cheer Up Ladies

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Happy Saturday


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