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My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Get back to dating again

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Are you spending your days walking and having debates in your mind? You and him arguing again? He does what he always does and does not want to hear you? Do you still believe you can make him stop and really hear you?

Was there a time when he was more present, more attentive and more happy?

Over and over and over again, you remember and relive all the pain of being ignored. He was not like that in the beginning. No. He changed. It hurts right? And you loved that man so much. You gave him all the time in the world. You felt his needs and aspirations and  you were there for him.

And put him in the first place?! You were second, only so that you could see his face happy and feel the joy!!! You love sharing!

Not any more


He has decided you have to part…

Would you be prepared to forget it all if he just pulled you with passion and intent and hugged and kissed you? Love resolves all problems, right?

Wrong. Love resolves all problems if it is a self denying love, putting the partner’s interests in the first place! This is what You did! You were living for him.

Suddenly the world has become too small, you want to scream, you want to ask why, you want him so badly! You still love all his little habits! What a way to treat you, you cannot believe it.

All you need is to stop the heartache

Only then you can start living again. Only after you find what an incredible loving person you are! Self love first, then love for others.

I have the tools. Do you want to learn the 3 steps to Dating Again?  LET ME IN THE SECRET NOW

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