The Law of Attraction

How did that Change in my Expectations came about

In the beginning I never noticed a clear cut change…I started mentioning that, money is good to have, it is good to have no worries when paying bill  or, travel, or different treatments for elder family members. I started learning that when it is your health we talk about, you should choose the best doctor, not ” a doctor”… You have to pay more but go to the best,  just like you do in other cases, like.. .looking for a private coach, teacher etc….Many friends were saying how they went to a well known specialist, after having been to many others, and finally they resolved the problem they had. So, why waste time and money for the average doctor, when our health should be on the first place?

I was in a church one day when some visiting Christians from USA, looking so happy, rich, and content were declaring that Jesus promised all of us to get what we ask for, and we should ask for abundance, not merely satisfying our basic needs! No need of being so undemanding.  Being Christian, does not mean being poor! You ask and receive! And as a Christian when you get more you will respond by giving more to others! Why not being a rich Christian, who witnesses his success and gives thanks to the Lord for that?? Nothing wrong with that. Having money is always associated with some negative side of character. It doesn’t have to be like that. Think how much more you could do for others, if you had more yourself!

Isn’t that a revelation? I grew up with the idea that money is not everything and it is not everything, but it is important. I believe most of believers still think, that somehow Christians should not strive to get more abundance…and I don’t believe that any longer.


My Attraction Law and Its Heros

New Day….New thoughts welcomed…

One quite normal day

So…what happened between 8.30 am and 1 pm ? Not quite sure….But it is over….Great….and now it is time for a drink, for reading mails, facebook messages and work with a smile …Anything is OK, Do you have questions? Good, I will answer them. Do you need my advice. No problem ! Do you want to tell me about the morning…Go ahead:) Would you like us to get together and go for a Cabaret tonight? Yes, problem. I will go anyway !

I am, a ready to smile and be, happy person. And I am always a happy woman….just don’t talk to me in the morning.  Give me a break, will you, please,I will be alright after 1pm.

And tonight??? Mmmmm…I am ready to have fantastic evening, tonight and every night…I love the night! Jasmine, gardenia, lemon flowers perfume…reach my nosdrils from everywhere. How I love to take a deep breath, nearly meditation time for me…..and smile. I smile to the world, I thank God for letting me feel all these fragrances, hear the  sounds and for giving me a zeal for life ! Yes, I was born rich and I claim my right to be rich. Jesus said, “”Ask and You will be given”

Dreams become realities even without you consciously doing something about it

Have you noticed, if your dreams from early years, have somehow become reality? I did not even express my dreams…I just threw out to universe , how nice it would be to travel all over the world, to meet different people….etc etc… and I have got what I wanted…. to travel and to have all my needs met….doing what I love, and I have got that too! I am rich , This is how I feel!

Words become “flesh” – watch out what you “declare” to the universe

I remember saying too often that I am looking for the “”person””, not caring about how is he in life…. And you know what??? I was wrong! You declare  that to the universe, and it sends you exactly people like that. You really don’t mind that? Yes? Ok, but those people are not only with poor finances  but  also unable to succeed in many other aspects in life !…They are losers!  And quite honestly, it is difficult to sit around inert men, who live without a sparkle…without a dream…they are the real losers…. Without a dream?…we are empty….useless….

And you know what, I am not even materialistic, but money is needed if you want to accomplish something good for society…Money is means of exchange, otherwise we have to walk with pockets full of Gold granules, right? hahaha

Something happened and I changed my attitude…You would never believe what…

To follow..

I better leave some of these thoughts for next time…next lucky pm after 1am. You know already, I am not a morning person…

My Attraction Law and Its Heros

New Day New Sparkle


New day started and there is a sparkle in me!

All philosophical thoughts from the night before are forgotten, and now every second counts…Quickly to shower, to wash face, brush hair, quick look in mirror….light Make up….. am I looking good or am I putting on weight? No time left for more thoughts!  Run…have I got all in my bag? mobile? second mobile? yep…at least two…:) purse, keys, cigarettes. lighter, snack, lipstick, eye liner…etc etc..done!  Out of the building!  Umbrella….no…… back inside, unlock first with one, then with second key….I have to take an umbrella…it is cloudy…what color? Blue, yellow, flowery…mamma mia…silly me, who cares about that, grab one and run lady!!! You are late girl!

Not again….all this nerve racking exit… I am not a morning person….Do not talk to me now…It is going to be unpleasant for both…When it happens, I try to understand the question and stare…but I don’t see. I am still dreaming! I don’t want to be asked anything at all, till 1 pm. Yes, that is correct!

It must be awful to live with a night owl if you are a morning person 🙁

to be continued..(.after 1pm)


My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Hot August Summer Night

Thoughts that cross my mind in the hot august summer night

It is midnight in the hot summer night in the big city.   You could hear so many sounds…very low tone conversation, windows being opened,  shutters pulled down, buzzing of an air conditioning, car door slammed, sea gull flying over…music from neighbour’s TV…But in your house it feels peaceful.  And it is so hot, that you turn the fan on. And you stop and sit down.

Missing something or somebody?

Where are we, what am I doing? A slow run through the events of the day…stressful day… I did so much and should be content, but why am I not? What is the problem? What is missing?

Who am I missing? It feels so lonely.

All we do, seems to be for  someone else, right?  We go to work and do our best, as is expected of us.  We check that mum and kids are OK, as we need to know they are OK without us. We eat dinner and we are careful with quantities, quality of food reassuring ourselves, we are doing very well. Then we plan next day…again from morning to evening by one ticking the main tasks for the day…It is never ending. Where are we going? What is the purpose of our life? Do others really need us? Would someone miss us if we did not show up tomorrow?

The answer is not going to come easy. It is not going to come tonight. I need a revelation. Only a true believer can sleep without questioning his life.

To follow..