My Attraction Law and Its Heros

Sharing Thoughts between us….continued

Dearest friends,

Just few observations….This Blog was started with the Idea to Cheer Up Women after a break up…and of course for that reason we started with Rikka Zimmerman, who helped thousands to get over the heartache and start living a good life in which they have to start with putting themselves in the first place and not handing the Keys to their happiness into the hands of their partners. But, men have the same situations of painful break ups, so we might change the title at a later date to include men, OK?

In the meantime, we started seeing the benefit of a Brain Retraining to make us better prepared to raise above the level of a person who is living a “normal” life, doing his job, accepting a situation which he never dreamt about, to a level of a higher Vibration, changing the Brain Neuron pathways, going around and avoiding useless “Fear”, “Pain” connected with past episodes, serving no purpose in the  present and sabotaging us in our Action for bettering our life.

Of course, to raise our Love to ourselves, we need to see ourselves looking “good” in the mirror, so there is the Win Your Game Of Weight Loss added, where the Best Experts in the World in Nutrition, Brain Retraining and Psychology, Fitness and Nutrition all together joined to make it possible to get rid once and forever with the unwanted weight!

And last but not least, Abundance is where everyone is heading to, right? In order to live in style, take holidays when we wish, be independent from employers, buy a beautiful dream cars, built our dream houses…we need the Commodity, called Money. Abundance is not only money, of course, but they are means of exchange and without them, we cannot advance in our dreams. so, we added Winning The Game Of Money, which is the Brain Retraining which has to take place in the head first, before we start getting better with earning the money itself. We can earn more after we learn our worth and improve some qualities.

In the meantime, for last few years, you know yourselves, how much Electronic Money is paid out in transactions for buying on Network everything and anything…and so, we added Anik Singal’s systems of doing Network marketing…he is one of the Best in that field.

You get the idea, all these Posts here and on Facebook are connected with the Idea of making it possible for all of us to get better, advance in all aspects in life, reach our dreams and become Happy, Fulfilled People. So, in this Cheer Up Ladies Blog we intend to publish Only Links for Empowering Stuff ! We are very careful in chosing who and what do we offer for your attention. We live in a stressful world, bombarded with information, and we spend a lot of time on our computers…let us at least make it work for us and our happiness and abundance. We cannot forget that quality time with our family and friends is the most important. Gratitude for all things and people we meet is the starting point, but then selectivity is needed and a balance…We want you to know that we care about who reads, what we offer and your ideas and opinions. Let us share them. let’s work together, help each other, make the world a better place! Thank you for reading ! Blessings to all !!!

PP. We would love it if you registered with your e.mail and we can contact you with the best there is in all these areas of life, free, educational and edifying beliefs and abilities, or quality paid offers of the best today. Thank you:)

The Law of Attraction

Between Us…about the Law of Attraction

You must have heard about the Law of Attraction?

All this talk about the Law of Attraction ! Do you get annoyed hearing that? Or maybe you see someone with smiling face saying they love the idea? Or they have achieved success using the principal basic elements of that law?

Well friends, if you think about it, you will realize that what you “expected”- that is what you received, not more, not less. It works and it has always worked. It just wasn’t studied, like now. I guess one of the reasons is, that we live (at least in Europe and US) in peace for a while. In peaceful time people first satisfy their basic needs, home, family, course of study, professional training, hobby, buy a car, nowadays they travel and then ..what? Then we all want better success, better travel, better car, better university for our sons. We start exploring how to achieve this goals.

Is very millionaire using the Law of Attraction?

At that point some have done a good research into the lives of the most wealthy people on the planet. Some things we evident.  Steady business, control of the cashflow, network of experts help many wealthy men to remain wealthy.

You could also win the lottery and become a millionaire over night. Yes. but if you dont have the right mindsetright mindset, you would simply let the money slip away through you fingers.

Self-made millionaires

On the other hand, some work hard, make the money alone with dedication and focus, failing, getting up, failing and re-starting again, until one day you see how they present themselves as assured, calm men. They have not given up in their quest for success.

Do those guys use the Law of Attraction principles? They most probably do it, without knowing it. They get up every morning telling themselves, they will make it! They will resolve the problem! “I can do it” “I am super professional” “I can take all blows and respond with a smile” Are you such a fighter?

Do you know how to pray?

You could consider one part Of the Law of Attraction similar to praying. In our prayers we express our desires and most secret wishes. A good believer is told to leave all his problems and desires in the hands of the Lord, who would provide, right? This is much more how a man practicing the Law of Attraction would behave. Say it with a smile, express gratefulness as if he already achieved it, then go to sleep happily. The Lord knows his job! out what you ask about

Have you heard about the advice, “to be careful what we ask to have, as we could get it, and it might not be what we think it is”, i. e. we might get “that job” and be very disappointed, as it does not give us the satisfaction or happiness we expected???

So chose carefully your dreams, research a bit in advance. And…make the road, to the achievement of the goal, a happy ride. Make it enjoyable! Celebrate every success on the way. This is the real happiness in that sense of the word.

Law of Attraction

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